A green and crafty Jul

Last week I was feeling pretty low and I had to miss out on
Sarah's Christmas countdown. But this week I have shaped up a bit
and I thought I would show you some of the things I have been making.
(If you follow me on Instagram you may already have seen some of these).

It was touch and go for a while where I would be celebrating Jul this year,
since my brother's family is going to Florida and visiting Disney World.
My parents were more worried about me feeling lonely (hanging out only
with them) than I was - even though I reassured them several times
that having a little kitten in the house was all the entertainment I needed.

But after some drama (mom kind of wanted to stay at home, dad suddenly
wanted to go to London) we are going to my aunt's, celebrating with my cousins.
I still feel a bit detached but they are sweet people and the food will be good.

Despite my partial detachment I have been feeling oddly Christmassy
in my crafting lately, and I brought nature into the house via moss,
fir branches, boxwood, ivy, hyacinths and larch cones.
I have also gone through ALOT of glitter and glue :)

Instead of a real Christmas tree this year I kept the left over fir
and boxwood from making the door wreath and simply put it in jars.
Together with all the hyacinths they fill the house with that lovely scent of Jul.

Has your home gotten a full Jul make-over yet?
And how will you guys be celebrating the holidays this year?

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  1. I love all your Christmas crafts ideas they are so cool.I love the idea of home madecrafts. Everything looks so sweet. I haven't even wrote a post this week as I've had lady issues, so I've felt really lethgic and just ill this week. I'm was going to do home decor and crafting next week as I'm doing a couple of crafty things this week. Thanks for kicking it off this week lol. Maybe thats what should done each a did a post this weekm

  2. I love your Jul decor! I wish I could bring more natural items into the house but with three trouble making cats I just can't foresee it going over well (and while writing this one of them stole the marabou feather boa from my sewing basket). I have a potted mum that sits at the back door and Gimli won't keep his paws away from it! I might have to borrow the hanging snowflake idea, I'd love something similar in the sewing room or by the front door. I'm going to post my decor pics closer to Christmas. You should see the front outside, it's so girly, I can't believe my guy let me get away with it lol.

    I'm glad decorating has helped lighten the mood for you. :) I've thought of you often in the last month. I have your ornaments out and I use your belladonna root in meditation on the altar of my deceased friend.

    If I don't write to you again until after Jul, I hope you find many comforts with family and have lovely snuggles with your little kitten. :)

  3. LOVE the greenery. It's like spring in winter.

    We don't decorate until the actual solstice, so 11 days to go... I suspect that I shall bedecking my orange trees. :-D

  4. Your crafts are gorgeous! I hope the family will be good for you at Christmas, all love and no arguments!

  5. I love the paper snowflakes best! So simple but effective hanging from the ceiling like that. I haven't done much decorating; haven't even started baking yet. Just the kids and their significant others this year - they'll likely stay overnight too, so it will be wonderful just having the immediate family here this year and not a housefull. Very low key - exactly what I'm craving. :)

  6. Jag har samma problem: mina släktningar oroar sig eftersom jag inte har en sambo. De undrar med vem skulle jag fira jul (och det är pinsamt). -_- Nu tänker jag att jag borde har bokat en resa till England och fira jul på någon gamla herrgård. Helst med något Murder Mystery program! :D

  7. Wow! Your crafting projects are fabulous, I love them all! Seriously, they could be in a glossy coffee table book.
    I've been swamped by life lately so I've just caught up on your last few posts. So sorry you've had some rough times lately. It's always good to talk about issues rather than suffer in silence. I get completely demoralized about my weight especially since I keep losing and gaining back the same ten pounds. I do believe that we are all so much more than our looks but it helps to avoid full length mirrors.
    Starting out on a new career sounds so exciting! Your language skills combined with the experience running your own business and your great eye for design should give you a wide range of possibilities. Your photographs are terrific, that's a pretty wide open field, everything from publishing to advertising.
    Thanks for the wonderful Christmas movie list, I'm looking forward to tracking down the Swedish and French ones. I adored Fanny and Alexander. Oh, and I totally agree on with you about Love Actually, ugh, so horrible in so many ways! Sorry about this overly long comment, have a great week.

  8. All of the ideas are highly inspiring! The present for your mum looks so sweet and the greeney looks so lush in the grey and dark weather!

  9. I wish I could craft like you. Instead it took us every last bit of energy we had left to decorate our sadly artificial Christmas tree and the rest of the house. Having a child keeps us very busy. But it gives also an extra dimension to the season. I will also celebrate drinking and eating, and reading. See my blog for Yuletide reading suggestions and soon if I find time for Norse related ones.

  10. Everything looks so wonderful! My heart is smiling! Have fun at your aunt's with your cousins! My brother and sister-in-law will be coming over and our close friends. Big Hugs!

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